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Senior professional R&D

Orlando's senior professional R&D team, through long-term research on the relationship between pet nutrition and diseases, and through decades of research data statistics, found that many diseases are accumulated over a long period of time, and most diseases are related to diet. It depends on the way, so the correct "eating way" is definitely the basis of health.

In 1992, Orlando began to promote the dietary rules of natural ingredients for pets, carefully selecting natural and fresh ingredients from the production areas to prepare "nutritional balanced" and "trustworthy" recipes, providing cats with the nutrients necessary for growth, and adhering to a healthy diet that follows natural recipes. Rules to provide the strictest control for all consumers who love cats.


"I want everyone to see the beautiful appearance of the cat, with its twinkling eyes and perfect body. It looks so confident and happy. With a healthy diet, the cat can be cared for like a castle cat."


Food is the source of health for every life. In addition to giving cats a stable and warm home, a nutritious diet is the foundation of health.

Orlando pet food complies with HACCP standards and has passed a number of strict certifications to ensure quality, presenting the best food to it.