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Diet is the basic condition for maintaining life. To make a cat live a healthy, happy and energetic life, it is not only satisfied with filling its stomach, but also must consider the reasonable preparation of the diet to ensure a balanced and sufficient intake of various nutrients required by the cat.

Wonderful Natural Recipes™

Follow the rules of healthy eating and let your cat be cared for like a cat in a castle


Properly prepare a balanced diet

Cats are completely carnivores and use protein and fat as their main sources of energy, with a perfect proportion of vitamins and other minerals.

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Cat's body functions use the protein and fat in food to create energy.
A lack of protein will lead to poor cat health, muscle atrophy, reduced immunity and various body functions.


multi-bit ingestion

A variety of meat is the main diet, and fruits and vegetables are supplementary nutrients. Alando's rich and diverse recipes not only satisfy the appetite but also provide cats with a complete and natural healthy diet.

Comprehensive nutrition

Rich and varied ingredients

Due to differences in body structure, cats cannot convert some nutrients on their own. The best way to keep your cat healthy, lively, and nutritionally balanced is to absorb a variety of nutrients from natural foods.


Fresh natural ingredients

Nature’s ingredients are the food prepared for them. The selection of meat, fruits and vegetables and other ingredients are strictly selected. From the place of origin to the season and other selection details, Orlando follows the key to healthy eating and deliciousness: " freshness ".

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Low salt, low oil, low magnesium, low carbohydrates

Cats cannot digest too many carbohydrates. Orlando fresh cat food is not only low in carbohydrates, but also low in salt and oil, reducing the burden on the cat's body.

Enjoy low-burden meals

Reduce physical burden

Food that is too salty and too oily can easily cause a decrease in pet's physical function. Most of the pet foods on the market have too strong flavors.

Good ingredients do not require too much seasoning, and you can enjoy the most natural taste with simple cooking. The ingredients selected for Orlando Cat Fresh Food are not only low in salt, low in oil, low in magnesium and low in carbohydrates, but adhere to a healthy diet.

  • ✓Hypoallergenic formula

Does not contain corn, wheat, or soybeans / Stay away from allergens and select high-quality ingredients. No corn, wheat, or soybeans are added.

  • ✗No animal supplements

Uses high quality protein/human grade high quality protein sources with no added animal by-products.

  • ✗Does not contain growth hormones

Natural growth/Natural is the first priority, no growth hormones are added.

  • ✗No antibiotics

Healthy growth/natural good health immunity improvement, no antibiotics added.

  • ✗No chemical preservatives

Orlando advocates natural/using natural antioxidants and does not add chemical preservatives.